This Is the Reason You Are Settling for Less

We all have been there. Maybe we are still here. Settling for less.

Allowing ourselves to get what we consider to be way below our dreams and life goals. We have this awareness that we were meant to do more. But we are

sick of what keeps happening in our lives. We keep working at jobs we do not like. We keep talking to friends and people who do not matter. And we move on with life expecting and wishing for the best.

Back in school, we had two kinds of wishes… Good luck with your exams or success in your exams. Success was for people who had prepared well and enough. Given another day to prepare, they will use it on the pitch to relax. Good luck was for people who dropped some subjects in form two and didn’t understand the definition of basic concepts. It was like a dosage of “don’t worry, life moves on bro”.

These are things we have carried to families and even in workplaces. We need some validation when we are about to do some things. “Benny give me some psyche, I have this presentation at 10 am, and I don’t know how it will go.” So we wait for people to tell us it is well with us, when we know deep in our hearts, that everything is in the pre-zone.

We do not get enough money, because we do not believe we can make that much. Charge that much, and pay that much. We buy the cheapest stuff because the high-priced ones are for the rich guys.

It all goes down to our habits. Little habits we have accumulated over time. Over the years. If you truly want to live large, your thoughts should be different. The people you hang out with should be those that are doing great in life. People who make you go back home and start drafting your journey to success.

You see, no one knows the future. If anyone did, it will be a terrible life. So, most of the times we do not know what to do to get there. But we know one thing. What we are doing yields the same results.

What we need to do is go back to the old days. The hunting and gathering days. We need to be the scientists that experiments daily. The hunters that went out daily not knowing what animal they will come across. But sure they will have some meat.

We need to change everything we do and see what comes of the change. Throw out our fear and replace it with faith and trust God to take us where He wishes.

Maybe start waking up 10 minutes early and use that time to pursue your goals. Something that you wish to learn like skating or concentrating on a specific object – Meditation. It is crazy stuff. You need to get to the level where you are doing crazy stuff. Stuff that is hard to do like quitting your energy-sucking job.

I do not believe in retirement after 60 years of work and toil. I believe in retirement after every hour or a few days. I can choose to relax on a Tuesday like today and shout to the world on the balcony because I do not need validation. I love my life the way it is. The life I am creating.

Successful people have good habits. They have the resilience to keep on. They make decisions first and fast. You are never ready for anything. Just take the first step. Stop reading 50 books in a year on how to write, just write.

Unless you change, Until you see obstacles never seen in your life, You are just settling for less. So are you?