Are You Doing This?

What are the traits that successful people exhibit? I have found three qualities that you need to develop to achieve anything:

✔Intention. ✔Attention. ✔Retention.

Intentional Nothing happens freely. You have to be intentional first. Intentional about how you plan your time. About how you engage with people. About how you offer your services to people. If you want to acquire a new skill, you have to check good courses to buy. Then you have to allocate money to buy those courses.

Attentive Secondly, you have to be attentive. You need to be a listener to capture any arising issues. You need to be keen to understand the struggles of your clients. You won’t know what to do if you are not attentive. There is no need to be intentional if you are not going to stick to the plan. Persistence is key.

Retention Finally, you have to have retention. This is about consistency. Consistency is achieved by doing what you said you will do. And delivering what you promised. It is about forming relationships.

Remember; these three traits will change how you go about your day. You will be kind and more caring.