To Want or to Decide

We often have fear over what we want to do. What people will think or say. Or even fear of denial. But do we really need that? Do we really need validation?

The world will be a boring place if all we do is share the same content. Crack the same jokes. Sing the same song. Watch the same soaps… It will even be more boring if we knew of the future; what will happen, how it will happen, and where it will happen.

Being predictable is good if it solves a problem, but I like being unpredictable. The adrenal rush. The sigh in disbelief. The “aha” moment. The chills. Is it not interesting to be surprised with good happenings?

How many people are in this world? Some people died today. Others just arrived in style. They were received in the social media with likes and emojis. A surprising percentage of these people do not know what they want in life. Maybe they do, but they stay at the “want” stage.

I am not exceptional. I have been wanting for long. Many things. I have wanted to be a rally driver. I have wanted to be a writer. An author. But I stayed at the want stage for long. Nothing happened.

You may be saying you want to start your business, write your book, quit that job or even bring up a nice and loving family. None of these things will happen if all you do is want. You must decide to do those things. Get into action. Move toward those goals. If you decide to do it, make sure you do it now. Want to lose weight? Start the exercise right now in your house.

As the year ends there are things I have decided to do. I will fail. That I know. But it will be good since I will learn fast enough. I will learn and achieve success in the things I have put my mind, energy, and money in.

I hope my writing will breathe life. Help. Guide. Offer clarity. Push you from your comfort zone and rise to the occasion. So, today decide to act on those wants you have been archiving. And once you decide, stay at it.