No Excuses Just Reasons

Excuses are the very roadblocks that we put in place if we do not want to do things. Sometimes we do it subconsciously without even planning to do it. Then we sugar coat them and wrap them in reasons (A term that we love and like).

I have looked within and from experience, I have noted that it is all about the excuses I make that I am unable to move forward. Oftentimes, I have wanted to write a post about a topic that just came upon me. But what did I do? I ignored it by saying I will write later.

Have you ever read about how to avoid procrastination, only to stop midway and promise yourself you will come back and finish? Sometimes coming back never happens. And if it happens it is by chance when you are doing something else. So your life piles with so many to-dos that you will never take action on.

This year is coming to an end, and many of you are already looking for the greatest resolutions for 2019. You are looking back and seeing all the things you could have done and never did. Like buying a new car because using a matatu while in a suit is ugly. Unacceptable rather. Or going to the gym because you are a good candidate for that school of fitness. My tribe at Friendswhowrite have been telling me I will be a good fit for such schools. (Inwardly, I know I have worked to be where I am).

There are times I used to run for at least 14 Km daily, not knowing that I was ready thin. Unfit and just needed some food to keep fit. Ask this guy (Lenny) who was my trainer and co-athlete.

So we push these dreams and goals to next year, hoping that we will be able to kick them out of the way come January. Why January? Tell me.

Anyway, enough of that…

I am already giving excuses. You see. That happens without knowing. And this is what I have learned over time. We are always searching stuff from a point of know-how. From a point, we do not want to admit that what we know may be wrong. Changing our habits starts with surrender. Being like a baby. Not knowing anything. So we have to work at letting our habits die. And I don’t mean you only have bad habits. No. It is only when we are open-minded that we start appreciating what we have around us. We learn from tips that God has made known through other people. Because they have been there.

In a journey, some people arrive early. So we have to learn from them about how it feels to be there or what hazards to look out for. So be humble. Not proudly. But be easy to be taught. The things that our ancestors imparted may be wrong. Not wrong. But inapplicable in today’s age. Most of their wisdom lives on. So quote me correctly if you happen to say this. You do not have to work 97 hours to achieve your dream. Or be enclosed in a certain room separated with glasses.

The Internet is here. No, I should correct that. We are the Internet. The TV in the present world. You do not have to wait for money to be enough. It never will. So if you keep waiting you will only push your dreams to “I-Don’t Know When”. Stop saying you do not have enough time. God has given us equal days and equal nights. 24 hours is all we got. This is cliché and I get it. But why keep complaining when you could do so much with any available time between your schedules?

Just imagine what you could do with five minutes? You do not have to deny yourself anything. Five minutes are enough for me to write this post. Read a book daily for a month, wash a t-shirt, fry an egg or just stay at the balcony thinking about the Garden of Eden.

So if you hate reading that much, just read a book or a blog post that will improve your skill for just five minutes a day. Do this consistently and note the change you experience. Use that skill you have gained to make money and move toward your destiny.

I know you do not have time and money to buy books and any other stuff, but you have FIVE MINUTES today. Go use it.