Is Your Heart Leaking?

Are you fearful of what people will see of you? Or what they will say of you? Why should you?

Questions, I have been asking. And answers I have been finding. Gary Vee always says

that our strength lies in the side hustles we have. And we should not sacrifice our lives/time trying to impress people we hate or do not know.

We even buy cars while in debt so people can talk about our richness. We focus on impressing people who do not know us or people we do never care of. Deep down, our hearts are broken and have leaks.

Hearts with leaks? Yes. That is what remains when no happiness flows in. I bet you are aware those leaks are not an outflow of thanksgiving. They are regrets, doubts, fear, insufficiencies, and cries to belong. To stand. To be heard.

Guys, you do not have to have these leaks. So if you feel like singing, please record it and post in your YouTube Channel.

If you want to write, please do write, my friends. Use your Facebook wall to sell your art, your writing, your skills, et cetera.

Whatever you have to do. Please do. Do not wait for a green light. You have the remote to control that.