Ask Enough Questions

You are here. You have promised heaven and earth that you are going to start acting on your wants. But then you realize there is nothing much you are doing. You do not see

why you should rise early. I am an advocate of good sleeping habits but not for waking late. Anyway, you have no passion. No talents. No gifts. That is what your good mind is telling you right now. It is what you are only seeing or hearing.

What if I told you it was not that hard to identify what your purpose in life is? It all revolves around you. What skills do you have? What do people do that annoys you most? How can you use the skills you have to solve those problems? What is that one thing that you see and you go, “Someone ought to do something.” Oftentimes, we leave search things and blame the government. What do people say about you? “You ought to write a book, John.”

Are you ready? Excited? Thrilled? Happy?

What have you been doing with your lovely voice? Are you speaking? Are you singing? Or are you just saying “thanks” to complements? What about the gifting on hand/eye coordination? Are you helping in writing minutes, or reporting for your local news?

You are peaceable, compassionate, children loving. Are you starting daycares and training the young generation? If you can answer those questions, you will be able to find your true calling. You will love what you do. And you will grow what you love.

I believe the answer lies within what you are doing with your gifts. And if you care? If you care? Care, like really care enough, then you will do it. Ask enough questions and as you find the answers, you will find your purpose.